Chef and Cuisine

Our cooking is rich of passion and identity. We’re strongly convinced that tradition and innovation are the hearth of  our Piedmontese territory.
The right recipe to surprise our customers is a cooking that always develops with a little experimentation.

Andrea Ferrucci – Chef

At the young age of 15 years Andrea Ferrucci, driven by the passion for cooking, started to work for some small restaurants and pizzeria  in the summer months.

Then, after three years of experiences in renowned  pastry shops of Bologna, he started a path by side of famous international chefs: Pietro Leeman (Joia), Gualtiero Marchesi (Albereta), Enrico Crippa (Piazza Duomo), Cracco, Berton (Trussardi alla Scala) and Damiano Nigro, with which he worked to obtain the precious Michelin Star at the Relais Villa D’Amelia in 2010.

The cooking of Andrea is based on creativity, even if it originates from classical elements of piedmontese tradition. Thanks to his experience around Italy, he interpretes they in a original and never common way. Vegetables, cooked with new techniques, are a very important element of his creations: playing with different consistences he creates unique tasty courses, but more ethical and healthy.

“The food I make it’s a mix of distinct tastes but once you combined them they create emotions…My dishes represent Italy from North to South; they are a summery of Italian cuisine with a modern twist full of richnessm tradition and innovation. I like to play with different temperatures and consistencies, making every bite interestring” Andrea Ferrucci Chef

By his side in kitchen

Christian Joel Robles– Sous Chef
Class of 1994, born in Perù, after the degree at the Hotel School Norberto Bobbio, he grows professionally in important restaurants of the city of Turin, like the Circolo dei Lettori Restaurant.

Giangregorio Bartolotta – Chef de Partie Entremetier
Born in Sommariva del Bosco in 1994, he graduated at the Hotel School G.Giolitti. Moved by the passion for cooking, he started immediately his experience in important restaurants in Italy and abroad, such as at the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées at Stresa.

Abibe Karamoko – Pastry Chef
Class of 1994, born in Turin, after the degree at the Hotel School Norberto Bobbio, he started his training in historical restaurants of the city of Turin, including Le Tre Galline.